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Monday, July 30, 2012

Wish List

Day 212

Yesterday, my husband asked, "What's the first thing you'll buy next year?" Interesting question.

After a long drought, what do you do in a pouring rain? Dance and frolic in it? After a desperate hunger, eat until it hurts? After sleepless nights, sleep a day away? Or, sit back, sigh, and think, "Whew ... glad that's over." Maybe some of each.

In anticipation of the day the floodgates will reopen, I have started a list. Right now the list has things that I feel are missing in my wardrobe and should be chosen with great care. A swimsuit, for example. I am pretty quick to grab a swimsuit or three at TJ Maxx and hope for the best. I am sure I could make better choices.

So, to date, my list includes socks that match, a swimsuit and golf shoes. I am sure this list will grow but hopefully once those floodgates reopen, I will proceed in a thoughtful and careful manner. Yeah, right.

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