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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Half-way Assessment

Day 192

I think it is important to take this week and assess everything that is working and not working in this challenge. Hopefully this will update and clarify my challenge as I ride down the back of the mountain.

"Half-way" initiates both emotions: "Yay! Over half way there!" and "Oh my, we are half way finished already?" I saw a fabulous Tangerine Tango, strapless, gauzy, longer-in-the-back dancing dress in a store on Saturday and I swear, I seriously considered calling off the challenge. As I have recently admitted, the pain is still there.

I was able to exit the store telling myself I was indeed wearing a very lovely dress. (Not as lovely, but still ...) I don't want these feelings to bust like a swollen dam on January 1 (fortunately it won't be strapless dress season). All this dedication could be swept away in a rush of clothing desire with a single fell swoop.

Using this particular red dress as my magnifying glass, I am trying to figure out the compelling draw. (BTW, I am not including a photo in case you want to picture your own perfect garment) What was it about this dress that took my breath away?
Why was I even in Lohmans? My husband had to stop into neighboring Radio Shack (my least favorite store) so I said I'd look around in Lohmans while I waited for him. Looking back, I was asking for trouble. Lately, I have been avoiding clothing stores. Originally I felt like it was my duty to keep up on the fashion trends but I no longer care. "Trendy" does not seem to be an issue for me. At least there's one thing that's not an issue.
Back to The Dress. First of all, I was attracted to the color. This red-orange shade is so rich and beautiful, reminiscent of the hibiscus, my favorite flower. The fabric was gauzy and swing-y, reminding me of vacation clothes. The style looked like something you would see a Brazilian dancer wear in a nightclub. Naturally, it was also bargain priced at $24.99 at Lohmans. Fact: I have over 10 great summer dresses. Fact: I visit few Brazilian nightclubs. Fact: I did not try it on so I am not sure how perfect it was but I know I would have purchased it anyway.
So what is it? I think that the particular dress in question would make me feel (big thing here!) pretty, sexy and carefree. My husband would notice. I would stride confidently instead of blending in to the sea of graying wise women. In that dress I see a young spirit, an unapologetic passion, an opportunity to rumba at any given song note. Glistening red lips, a flower in my tousled hair and not a care in the world. Imagine, a dress could be all that.
I see now why I would snap that dress up. Not the latest fashion or perfectly fitted designer garment, just something that makes me feel carefree. I am mustering all the logic I can right now and I really see no reason to pass on that dress (next year, of course).
Lesson 1: Yes, you can have a few things but be realistic about why you want them. I think a try-on would be in order first, but it's okay to wear things that simply make you feel vibrant and sexy. Something that inspires a feeling of vacation. In my current closet, my very favorite things make me feel just that way.
Next question: Does Lohmans offer a 6 month layaway?

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