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Friday, July 13, 2012

Young Fashionistas

Day 195

Lucky me! Last night I was invited to judge a fashion show. Not just any fashion show, but the show at the birthday party of my little friend from across the street! That's right, the lovely Sydney celebrated her 10th birthday with close friends, a sleepover and a fashion theme! This is a gal after my own heart (sigh!).

Syd's parents had a "red carpet" at the front door, a light-up runway (courtesy of some cleverly placed Christmas lights) and a rockin' sound track (although I think that was all the birthday girl's doing). As judges we got to watch as each party guest walked the runway in her best red-carpet look, changing accessories with each pass. At the end, we scored each gal with a "Dancing With the Stars-esque" paddle. They all got 10s.

I enjoyed the show while having flashbacks of my own youth. Many summer afternoons were spent parading across the lawn in some configuration of a beach towel. It was amazing how many looks could be concocted with this ubiquitous accessory! Perhaps this is where my love of the sarong originates. I also realized that those of us who love fashion, and I mean LOVE fashion, can't really help it. It starts young. It's part of who we are. I watched the birthday gal effortlessly assist and guide her guests and counsel on style. She chose a fab table theme. She had perfect manners. She wants to be a fashion designer. I completely understand.

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  1. How great! Thanks again for being a great guest judge at our fashion show. Syd loves the designer book, by the way. She said it was the coolest. : )