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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If the Glove Don't Fit (or shoe, or dress, or pants ...)

Day 193

Continuing on the half-way assessment, I am examining what's working and what's not this week. Because my challenge included scrutinizing my existing wardrobe, I have learned some truths about my shopping habits. Yesterday I realized that it really is okay to buy something that just makes you feel good when you wear it. Today I am looking at a much larger part of my wardrobe: the ill-fitting section.

I'll just say it- I hate store fitting rooms. I don't like wrestling with garments in an artificially lit, small confined space and trying to determine if I look fab. I almost always buy and try at home. It's true, you have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of store return polices (I do) and the time to do the actual return (far less fun so never high on the to-do list). A simple "does this fit and is it flattering?" becomes "is it really worth driving all the way back to (fill in the blank) to return this clearance item when I could probably lose 15 pounds in a couple weeks and maybe this color will be in style some day?"

I have a history of buying things that are not right and finding reasons to not return. Why?

  • I don't want to buy the size I need because of the number. Surely I can lose a few pounds.
  • I am buying something because the size number is smaller than my size and it fits even though it's ugly (do they just sell the tag?).
  • I have a picture in my mind of the garment I really want and I buy many versions of "close but no cigar."
  • I need something for a particular event and the ensuing panic leads to judgement issues. (stupid golf outfits)
  • I can't accept that certain styles will never be right for me. (low rise jeans that can't be worn without a knee-length shirt to conceal the inevitable panty flash)
  • The dreaded clearance syndrome.
  • Sometimes I just need the "rush" that a purchase brings.(sad)
  • Poor materials or construction are revealed after washing.
  • There are things that I could wear 10 or so years ago that just don't work anymore.
This issue has become glaringly obvious as I make due with what I have. The ill-fitting, poorly styled, poorly made cast-off pile is growing. The selection of garments that work is diminishing.

Rule 2: There will be two periods of evaluation. All clothes must be tried on in the store AND again at home before tags are removed. I must stop settling for "close but no cigar" and wait to find the optimal style, fit and construction. I'm worth the wait.

If the clothes don't fit- you must not buy ****.  (sorry, it's offensive but it's the best I've got this morning)

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