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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 207

I suck at golf. I practice and practice but when it's "game-on" I suck at golf.

Golf is hard. From the time you pull your golf club back to the time the tiny little ball (hopefully) leaves the ground, a million things can go wrong. When it's time to hit, everyone else in your group stops to stare. Add heat, wind, rain, any number of external elements, and golf is really hard.

Last Monday I played in my second official outing of this summer. This time I was lucky (?) enough to join my husband, his co-worker and his wife at a beautiful country club.I am always happy to be included and it's nice to visit with people that my husband works with. I had a bit of difficulty really enjoying the day due to three things:
My outfit.
My shoes.
I suck at golf.

I don't have any "real" golf outfits, probably because I only golf a couple times per year. Once again, the temperature was near 100 degrees which takes any pants choice right off the table. I am left with a stupid "skort". My only "skort" is black and the only decent sleeveless top I have is black, therefore I was something of a heat magnet for my group. My husband insisted I looked great but my stuff is old and definitely doesn't "breathe". At least I found two socks that matched.

The next problem was that every time I got into my "golfer stance" I was forced to look down at my hideous golfer shoes. I fully admit I have attention problems (Oh, look! Something shiny!) but how could anyone concentrate looking at those awful, faux-athletic, grungy looking shoes. Ick! 

And, as I mentioned, I suck at golf. Add that to bad clothes and shoes and you have a recipe for a long, ugly day. Somehow, though, I manged to have fun, shared lots of laughs and hit an occasional decent shot.

Perhaps, I think, it's not the clothes or shoes at all! Perhaps it's not even the the skill. Perhaps it's all about the experience of enjoying a beautiful day outdoors with my husband and friends. Or, perhaps--no --definitely--I will be getting new golf shoes and at least one good golf outfit next year.

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