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Monday, July 16, 2012

More Things Working

Day 198

When I set out to stop the shopping, I knew I would have to gain control of my existing wardrobe so I could see what I had to work with. Using the "gather and sort" method, I have organized all of my clothes, shoes and accessories. At this half-way point, I have to report that my organization tactics are working really well!

My closet still looks great. I treated myself to matching hangers for my closet, those lovely, slender, velvet covered hangers from Costco. I highly recommend taking your closet seriously!

My rule is: when I wear something, the hanger leaves the general area to a central area. This way, extra hangers are not accumulating in the hanging area and I always know where to find an empty hanger. When I put my laundry away, I use a hanger from the central area and hang the item where it belongs. Easy-peasy. And it works! For months now, my closet has remained organized and neat. I can easily see what I have. It is really amazing how a simple thing like an organized closet can reduce stress.

My closet has been a disaster for years so this organized closet with easy to use rules has been a real bonus.As I have said before, taking on this challenge has given me a real sense of "I can do it!" "Empowered" is a over-used word (in my opinion), but fitting. I feel powerful!

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