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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Day 214

By now it is no secret that I love clothes. I am a creative person and choosing and matching clothes can be a very creative process. Up until this year, shopping and seeking out outfits was my "creative outlet," thereby giving myself well deserved license to shop to my heart's content. I can't help it! Everyone needs an outlet.

It recently occurred to me that it takes little creativity to browse several stores filled to the brim with garment upon garment. There is little creativity involved in scavenging messy clearance racks. No creativity involved in seeing a dress in an ad and going to the store to buy it. I've been fooling myself.

Creativity is required, however, when there are (very) limited resources and a certain look is desired. Creating a country club-worthy golf outfit from summer basics takes creativity. Pulling together a look for a special night out, that takes creativity. Making your well-worn favorite summer dress seem fresh again with accessories--that takes creativity. When I face my closet now, knowing I can't just run out to the store, I am forced to deal with what I have and do everything I can to look as good as possible. Like a Survivor challenge.

In fact, it's lazy to run out and buy something when there is likely something just fine already in my closet. Fooling myself indeed. Shopping is not a creative outlet. I am starting to see that shopping can be the sissy way out--and I'm no sissy. I will (again, in the words of the great Tim Gunn) continue to "make it work!"

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