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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Real Simple Magazine September 2012

Day 242

 Sometimes I wonder ... is there some secret fashion panel that meets each season to decree which looks will be on trend? Do they spin a giant color wheel, cheering, "good color, good color!" to choose our fall palette? Do they seek out large quantities of leftovers that need to be sold? Do they snicker and wryly ask, "What bizarre thing can we get them to wear? Ten bucks we can get them to wear that bubble skirt."

We will now resume the Fashion Fashion critiques of my favorite magazines! Real Simple isn't strictly fashion but they are on the Fall Fashion bandwagon as well. The spin in this mag is "fall fashion trends for $100 or less."

Someone is really trying to push hunter green shoes. As in People Style Watch, the hunter green pump is on the first page. I just don't get it. I enjoy a splash of color in footwear but this green looks sickly, moldy, icky, reminding me once again, just because magazines say something is stylish doesn't make it so.

Tweed is a featured look. Most us us can scrounge up something tweed in our closet. pair with gold jewelry and a patterned bag on you can consider yourself right on trend!

The next featured look is Art Deco. It's really cool for a party but I don't see it working into the everyday wardrobe. Should you give this look a whirl for a night out- beware! You don't want to look like you are sporting a flapper costume (or maybe you do).

The peplum, revived from the 70s and 80s, shows up in Real Simple. They suggest pairing a peplum top with slim pants and pumps. I am intrigued ...

Cobalt blue is featured as it was in People Style Watch. This hue is lovely as long as it doesn't scream 1980s. I wish I had somewhere to wear the cobalt textured skirt on page 80, it's gorgeous.
Here's an interesting suggestion: richly colored velvets. I absolutely love this dress and I would absolutely run, not walk (and push people out of the way), to T.J. Maxx to get it. Add tights and boots and WOW!!!

Next, Real Simple suggests lace. Blah, blah, blah.

And, again with the bubble skirt!!! 

Next is the ever-popular style, "men's wear." As if we don't hear this one every fall.

And finally, some brainiac is suggesting that we wear slim pants with a metallic sheen. For daytime. If you are considering this, PLEASE see a rear-view mirror first! There are few things less flattering to mortal women than a shimmering butt. 

To sum up Real Simple's take of Fall Fashion, I'd say you probably have most of it already. I would get the velvet tunic and maybe a cobalt sweater. But I can't. And that's O.K.

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