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Monday, April 30, 2012

Do You Want to Look Like Sofia Vergara?

Day 121
Do You Want to Look Like Sofia Vergara?

I do! That woman is beautiful! Add that figure, that crazy laugh and adorable accent, who wouldn't want to be like her? Now you can! Simply stop in to your local Kmart store, sashay over to ladies wear, intimates or bedding and YOU can be like Sofia Vergara.

This was actually announced last year but it's ramping up now. I admit, I did go to Kmart in search of my inner Sofia last fall. Unfortunately (or probably very fortunately), the Kmart close to me did not have her clothing line yet. This red dress is available now, and I probably would have hunted it down. Can you imagine, you can look just like for Sofia for just $17.99? That's the sale price this week. Sound too good to be true? The one online review did say that the dress is so thin that your underpants show. Perhaps that's what Sofia intended, I would not argue with that woman.

I am (hopefully "was") a sucker for a cool celeb clothing line. When Jennifer Lopez announced, or media blitzed, that her clothing line would be available at Kohl's, I nearly camped out to be the first in line to look like JLo. When it finally arrived, I tried and tried but couldn't find a single piece that was flattering and fit properly. Shopping at Kohl's now, it seems like there are more celeb lines than regular brands. Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad, Daisy Fuentes, the list goes on. Have you ever seen a celeb actually wearing a piece from the Kmart or Kohl's collection? I haven't.

From day one of my no-buy challenge, I maintained that there was no one to blame for my shopping habits but me. I see now that there are great forces at work appealing to our every desire and insecurity. Television, movies, fashion and celebrity have melded into a gigantic retail machine. There is potential at every turn, enticing us to part with our hard-earned buck to chase the illusion of looking just the teensiest bit like Sofia Vergara. Taking this year off of buying is bringing a lot to light. And it's a good thing because that red dress would likely be in my closet and my underpants on display!

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