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Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol Clothes at Kohl's:What's Next?

Day 117
American Idol Collection at Kohl's

I love American Idol and I love style so I was intrigued when Tommy Hilfiger was featured for several weeks coaching the contestants on their "look". According to Tommy, it was super-important that the singers look the part of pop star. Even I could see between the lines ... AI clothing line on the horizon. Although I can't buy the clothes myself (the one year, no buying clothes challenge) , I had to know,  what would "American Idol" clothes look like? Would I look good in them?

It was announced that Kohl's is the lucky retailer to offer this exclusive line of, let's call it, "rocker" clothes. And NO, I wouldn't look good in it. Probably OK, as I am pretty sure I was not in the target demographic. In my opinion, the looks are cliche and a bit pricey. Perhaps junior girls will be tempted by the collection but I had to laugh at the offerings for Teen Guys.
I have an 18 year old son, and I'm sorry, but NO WAY.

This got me thinking. What's next? Jersey Shore Snooki slippers? Already out there. Kardashian dresses? Out there, too. There must be a reality TV tie-in not yet exploited. How about The Bachelor Collection of tiny bikinis, evening gowns and "fantasy suite protection"? Perhaps Survivor clothes, pre-dirtied and smelly? Tight black Simon Cowell T-shirts for whichever show he is currently associated with?

I am going to hold out, because the reality television clothes I really want to see are from Dancing With the Stars. Bring on the feathers, the sequins, the ruffles, the spray tan. When that happens, look out! I sincerely hope that doesn't premier until NEXT year when I am free to buy again!

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