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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Assessing What We Have

Day 95
Assessing What We Have

This is part of the “quarter of the way there” update.
The decision to no buy clothes, shoes and accessories for a year was big for me so I decided to make the most of the opportunity. The simple result is spending less time and money. Going a step further, I am assessing everything I own. I have started with clothes and shoes, moving category by category. What actually fits? How many of these do I have (or need)? What on Earth made me think this was a good idea? Seriously???

Next, everything is sorted into 3 categories: wear regularly, may possibly wear, and what were you thinking (donate pile). The things I use regularly are put back NEATLY into closets and drawers. The things I could possibly wear have one year in a shopping bag. If I need it, I can retrieve it with no consequence. If it is still in the bag after a year it gets donated.

Finally, this same system has been put into place with everything in our home. From serving pieces to candles to beach bags. We are making conscious decisions as to what we keep and where and how we will store it. If a fancy bowl can only be accessed by moving 3 boxes of Christmas lights, it’s a problem. If our board games are missing half the pieces, what’s the point?  

Effort formerly spent finding new things has been funneled to organizing and storing what we have. Our storage areas look more like (sigh…) store shelves. I finally put my gowns, formal and holiday wear into a zippered storage case. My shoes are not piled. This all feels really, really good. What began as a challenge to stop certain behaviors has transformed into implementing new habits that keep our home and life organized. I truly do not think we would be this successful if I didn’t take the enormous step of “the challenge.” I also wonder what will happen when everything is finally organized and I find myself with time again … 

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