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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2232 Hours and Counting …

Day 94
2232 Hours and Counting …

April brings a landmark of sorts. I am officially a quarter of the way through this one year challenge to buy no clothes, shoes or accessories. Being “one quarter through” doesn’t really sound encouraging to me. Neither does “only 75% to go!” But, having accomplished a goal for over 2000 hours—that sounds like an achievement! It’s all in how you look at it.

This is a good time to evaluate the challenge. While never wavering from the original version, I actually have added to it. For example, my original challenge was for no purchases for myself. Why should I punish my poor family, leaving them potentially fashion-backward? The reality is, I get just as much a thrill dressing them as I do myself. Sometimes more of a thrill because they look good in so many styles! I buy them clothes that they don’t ask for, want or need. They have become so accustomed to finding drawers and closets full, I’m not even sure they know that most people actually have to go to a store, pick things out and buy them. Clothes don’t magically appear. If my family needs clothes, they will have to venture out to a store, choose them and buy them. They may not choose what I would have (oh, my …), they may not get the best sale price (this hurts) and they may not even use a coupon (killing me). I have a suspicion that they will survive.

The first part of 2232 hour recap states that the challenge was updated to specify no clothing, shoe or accessory purchases for ANYONE. No gifts. No holiday or occasion purchases for my family. No cute things for my grandson. The recap will continue this week.

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