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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

Day 125
Mothers and Daughters

When I set out to take a year off buying clothes, my intention was for myself only. I quickly realized I got the same thrill buying clothes for anyone, so I extended the challenge to include all clothes, shoes and accessories. My family is beginning to realize that it was me who chose and purchased most of their clothes. I loved to buy clothes for my husband. He would come home to an assortment laid out on our bed and I'd chant, "Fashion show! Fashion show!" My son's drawers were perpetually full and refreshed. And all my daughter had to say was, "I could use some more yoga pants" and whoosh- I was out the door on the hunt. It's been good for them to realize that clothes don't magically appear.

It was a bit painful, though, when my daughter got her first "real job". Landing a position in a fancy hair salon, she would now have to dress like a stylist instead of a student. A year ago, I would have been scouring the stores for cute work outfits, comfortable shoes and accessories that would tastefully match her new salon surroundings. Just as I had sent her off to preschool in a new dress, kindergarten with a new backpack and middle school in new boots, I wanted to send her into the working world in style. 

I was really pleased when she stopped by last weekend with bags full of her own stylish purchases. I admit, I held my breath a little as she changed into the first outfit. But yay! She looked great! She made careful purchases at good prices of styles both flattering and salon-ready. My daughter picked outfits that I would have chosen (maybe better!). She's growing up. I'm letting go. And I have the bonus of feeling like she learned a little something from me on the way. 

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