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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gather and Sort

Day 120
The Gather and Sort Method

The challenge I set out on was to stop purchasing clothes. At the same time, I knew I had to really organize my closets and drawers to utilize (and discover) what I had to work with. This quickly spilled over to nearly everything in our house and the method I have been using is a little something I call Gather and Sort. (say it like, "bend and snap!")

I have tricked myself in feeling like I don't have enough by spreading what I do have out. Shoes were not only in my closet, but also in the hall closet, the garage and in a box under my bed. Candles could be found in virtually every room of my house. The idea is to gather every item from every room, spread it out (I like to use my dining room table) and really decide what I want, need and how I will store it. The rest goes to The Purple Heart. This method have proven very successful for me. 

Imagine my delight when my husband employed this same method--and credited me for it! Like so many things in our home, tools can be found in most rooms. He has tried to keep a central tool location but (and I think it's something like Toy Story) the tools tend to wander off and end up spread about. Yesterday, he brought me to the garage to see Gather and Sort in action. He has gathered all tools and is making small tool kits. There will be one for my craft room. A kit for the garage. Each of our two kids will get one. I am happy that our tool situation will be solved and proud that my husband is using my method. And I am hoping that my tool kit is held in a super-cute tool bag!

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