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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Super-Cute Garden

Day 113
My Super-Cute Garden

What do you think of when I say "garden"? Dirt? Weekends weeding? Fresh herbs and vegetables? For me, the prospect of a real garden meant all of those things, and the best thing all all--a new place to decorate and accessorize!!! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my husband and I decided to make a solid attempt at growing herbs and vegetables this summer. This is the beginning of my herb garden.

I decided to plant them in individual pots for a couple reasons. First, I got an early start and I wanted to be sure I could bring them inside should frost threaten. Second, woo-hoo! fun, multi-colored pots! I have a little "fresh-Caribbean" theme going on . We re-used several old pots and stands and those old metal chairs. I have been painting bird houses to brighten things up.  As always, I am trying to buy as little as possible but keep it lookin' good.

It was suggested that a "real" gardener keeps a journal. Makes sense, as I usually can't remember what we had for dinner yesterday let alone what date we planted a beefsteak tomato. Great news--there's an app for that! We found an iPad app called Garden Toolkit HD. It allows us to research plants, document our garden and track our progress. By adding our zip code, the app can suggest plants based on our zone. We can add photos and notes. So here we are, getting back to our "roots" with organic gardening, in a super-cute, fresh-Caribbean themed space, tracking progress on an iPad. No one that knows me will be surprised.

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