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Monday, May 7, 2012

New at Target: The Webster Miami

Day 128
Target: Webster Miami

Did you happen to shop at Target this weekend? I stopped in to get cat food and saw one of my Great Challenge Fears come true. I was worried that during this No-Buy year, Target would introduce a guest designer perfectly suited to me. The guest designers of the past were intriguing, sure, but none really suited me. Although technically not a designer, The Webster Miami Collection is part of a new "boutique experience" at Target. I am not sold on this "boutique" thing- but oh my! I really like this Webster collection!

A little more "upscale" than a typical Target garment, these pieces are colorful, breezy, a just a bit preppy. It was painful to examine them too closely but the fabrics seem nice and the styles very wearable. The long dress is $44.99 and that lovely blouse $29.99, again, a little high for Target but still very affordable.

Now that I have had to scrutinize my previous purchases, I have learned a great deal about what is worth buying and what is not. Sure, the colors and patterns in this collection are great, but I have to learn to see past the look and get great fit and fabric. This is an exercise in restraint, for sure.

If you, on the other hand, are looking for a couple of cool things to brighten up your spring/summer wardrobe at a great price, I would suggest stopping by Target. Warning: try stuff on and be critical. Take it from me. Each day, I face a closet that is half full of "misses" and not nearly enough "hits".The stuff you pick should be more than a pretty face!

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