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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grocery Store Dress Code: Don't be a People of Walmart!

Day 130
Grocery Store Dress Code: Don't be a People of Walmart!

Are you one of those people that have to look put-together whenever you go out? Next time you go out for dinner, look around. Most people look like some effort was made into their appearance. I make the effort, for sure. Hair, makeup, nice shoes. It's funny because we are mostly sitting and the bottom half will be largely ignored.
How about when you go to the mall? Do you look different when you shop at the "fancy mall" as opposed to the outlet mall? Subconsciously, I think I do dress different for the fancy mall. Not sure why, I suppose I at least want to "look" like I buy everything there (when I surely do not!). Comfort is generally more a factor at the mall than a restaurant, but the mall is a place where we could potentially run into someone we know. There is nothing worse than a chance meeting with an old friend or acquaintance and wanting to scream: "I usually look better than this! It's really not that bad!" So I try to look a little nice at the mall.
And then there's the grocery store. We have a Kroger about a half mile away. I do not know why, but for some reason it seems acceptable to shop at Kroger in dirty gardening clothes, stinky exercise wear or even pajamas. Seriously- pajamas. We still see people, just like we see people at a restaurant or mall. Is it because we are likely to see only our neighbors? No reason to try to impress them, after all. If you run into a neighbor at Kroger, even if you stink to high heaven, there's no judgment. Neighbors are like family. It's a good thing there is not (to my knowledge) a People of Kroger website.
I'm talking about People of Walmart, that funny website where grocery store fashionistas flaunt their stuff. Need a laugh?, Check it out:
See if it doesn't make you think twice about your grocery store attire!

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