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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Next Set of Summer Essentials

Day 138
The Next Set of Summer Essentials

Back to InStyle magazine's 15 Summer Outfit Essentials

#10: Polka-dot Bikini
Hmmmm ... possibly. 1/2 point

#9: Peasant Dress
Calling anything "peasant" is not conducive to me coveting it. Call it a casual summer dress and I'm all in. 1/2 point because InStyle should know better than "peasant".

#8: Mens-wear Hat
I can see that this could be a trendy fashion moment, but an essential? No way. No points.

#7: White Jeans
I agree that white jeans are about as summer-y as it gets. Problem is, they can be less than flattering if you are less than svelte. And for coffee-spilling me, likely won't make it through the day sparkling clean. Great idea so a point is scored.

#6: Polo Shirt
I guess that a sleeveless polo has a throw-back Palm Springs vibe but again--essential? I think not. No point.

Here's where we stand on Summer Essentials as dictated by my (former?) favorite magazine, InStyle:
5 out of 10 points thus far. I'm feeling a little disappointed but we'll continue tomorrow.

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