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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Day 137
15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

This is the worst time of the year to be in a No Buy Zone. Spring and summer fashions are my absolute favorite. I swear, I walk past a rack or see a picture in a magazine and they call to me. "You would look so pretty in me! I am perfect for you. C'mon, no one would know, it can be our fashionable little secret." I stick fingers firmly in ears and march on.

That's why this InStyle magazine headline caught my eye: 15 Summer Outfit Essentials. What's on your closet already? Perfect, right? Well, sort of. I am starting to realize (hellooooo...) that InStyle magazine really only wants me to buy things from the fine companies that purchase their advertising space. The headline should really read: 15 Categories of Overpriced Outfit Essentials.  I however, am not a giver-upper, so I examined their picks closely.

#15: Embroidered Tunic

  The one in the magazine looked similar to this. Danger: This can easily look like an impulsive Mexican Riviera vacation purchase! I say go for mostly white or at least try for embroidery that is very close to the fabric color for a more subtle look. I give them 1/2 point for this one.                                           

#14: Striped Tank
I actually got one of these last summer and I totally agree. Striped tank gets a point.

#13: White One Piece Swimsuit                                                        
Seriously? Nice thought but I think this applied to teens and models only. And, no way for the beach, poolside only. No points.

#12: Crochet Dress
I'm all for a great summer dress but perhaps a gauzy dress is more "essential". 1/2 point

#11: Oversize Sunglasses
Yes. Point.

So far, InStyle is 3 out of  5.

Check your closet, more tomorrow!

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