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Monday, May 21, 2012

My Summer Style Must-Haves

Day 141
My Summer Style Must-Haves

I feel a little panic-y when a magazine cover claims the true secrets to summer style are available in stores now. Since I can not buy any summer style this year, I will be relying on what I have and what I can make. I was a little anxious to open InStyle magazine's summer essential list but I found it (like many magazine lists) to be lacking. 
I believe many of us already have the real summer essentials because, of all seasons, I think there is the least change in summer fashion. Sunny, warm summer days are conducive to style tried and true, reliable as a great pair of flip-flops. So, here is my list for Summer Style Essentials, and you probably really do have most.

1. Sarong
A sarong, or large rectangle of soft fabric, is essential on and off the beach. I love a great batik or floral pattern. A sarong is perfect to tie over a swimsuit, drape over your shoulders or dress up your dining room table.

2. Flower Clip
Buy one or make it yourself, even the fashion timid can pull off a pretty flower in summer. Wear in hair, on a sweater or clipped on your sandal.

3. Flip Flops
Any summer closet can benefit from a rainbow of flip flops. Important: comfort matters! $2 flip flops may not cut it. I love Havianna Slims and the soft metallic flip flops at Old Navy. A beaded pair or sequin pair is great bet and a flower transforms a simple flip flop to summer couture. 

4. Dresses
Any, all ... I love dresses for summer. I have the floral dress pictured above (from Bealls in Florida, not on clearance) and it is perfect every time I wear it. Go long but not matronly, short but not cheeky.

5. Black Strappy Something
A dress or tank, golden summer skin is enhanced by black strappy.

6. Vacation T-Shirt
I love a vacation tee because it brings memories of fun and relaxation. The more broken in, the better. Think carefully before choosing your next vacation tee, it should look and feel like you can wear it for years.

7. Great fitting White Tank and Tee
Great fit is the key here- so TRY ON! Look for fabrics with some stretch. The shirt should be fitted but not skin tight. And, take care of yellow under arms or get a new one. Nude bra is essential.

8. Baubles
Summer is the perfect time for colorful, kitschy baubles (fun summer jewelry). Ankle bracelets, layered necklaces and bracelets dress up summer casual. Remember, both gold and silver look fab with a tan!

9. Great, Colorful Sandals
A statement sandal is a great choice for summer. Show off those legs!

10. White Cotton Sweater
Again, go for fit and quality here. A summer sweater layered over a tank or thrown over your shoulders says, "Hold the yacht, I'll be right there!"

If you find some of these essentials are missing from your wardrobe, it's the perfect time to get out there and get some summer style. Macy's has a collection called Brasil this summer and it looks amazing- I suggest you give it a look!

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