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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wild About Fashion ... Or Not

Day 152
Wild About Fashion ... Or Not

Today I took my grandson to the zoo. What a great day! At 22 months old, he is old enough to run around, recognize animals and "roar" on request. I generally take something like a zoo visit as an opportunity to "dress the theme". My grandson wore a rain forest print cargo shirt, khaki cargo shorts, a zoo hat and cool sandals (none purchased by me). I wore a cotton khaki skirt, a white tee with a parrot on it and cute strappy red flat sandals. Doesn't everyone dress the theme when given the opportunity?
No, they do not. 

Let me just back step by stating: YAY for everyone there for supporting and enjoying the zoo. The parents, grandparent, teachers, and volunteers. The young adults on dates. And the loads and loads of children. The enthusiasm, even on a dull, gray day, was palpable.

I expect that comfort is the order of the day when visiting the zoo. I don't expect a fashion show. But, I just have to say to my fellow adult zoo visitors, "Even if you decide against dressing the theme, please wear clothes that fit." I assumed that fit and comfort went hand in hand. And I sure don't want to hassle anyone who just can't afford something new. But, oh my! The many, many examples of way too small or way too big garments were hurting my eyes! And they can't be comfortable. I would be crabby as all get out if my shorts were that tight. Or my shoes too big. Or I just looked ridiculous. 

Maybe it's just me. We had a great day and it seemed like everyone else was, too. But I will be checking the mirror carefully when I go out, just in case.

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