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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Accessorize Your Garden

Day 127
Accessorize Your Garden

Spring fashion abounds! The stores are bursting with colorful, stylish outfits and my closet is looking positively boring. Since updating my wardrobe with new pieces is not an option this year, I've stepped out-- to the backyard that is. 

A few weeks ago I shared that my husband and I decided to make a real, honest-to-goodness effort to grow a successful vegetable garden. The soil in our area is very sandy so we built the garden area up about 8", filled with a combination of garden-y soils (us at Home Depot: "Let's get a couple of those yellow bags of dirt, a red bag and a load of those blue bags"), and fenced it in so as to avoid the Lake Orion location of the Old Country Bunny Buffet. Then, I accessorized!
I smile every time I look in the backyard! I only hope the plants actually grow!

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