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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thanks a lot, Jennifer Lopez. The Kohl's Collection

Day 164
Thanks a lot, Jennifer Lopez.

I had to return some of the extra items my husband picked for my son at Kohl's. "Just walk in, return and walk out." I said. But no ... like a siren's song,  I was drawn to the women's department to see what I was missing out on. All I have to say is, thanks a lot Jennifer Lopez. Thanks for nothing.

At the start of my challenge I went to my favorite stores so that I was educated on trends in fashion. Then, hopefully, I could go home and recreate something similar to the fashions shown in the stores. That just made me sad, so I've mostly stayed out of stores for a while. 
But I had a return to do ...

Kohl's has several celeb designers and I can find a way to relate to most, but I love J.Lo (you can see her collection here). She makes it look so easy to be a mom, a celeb, sexy and not 20. Here are the items I would definitely try on if I could buy things:
Looks like my ideal summer or vacation wardrobe. I can only hope her collections continue to improve so I can indulge next year. And I think I'll just stay out of the stores.

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