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Monday, June 25, 2012

Remember Anya from Project Runway?

Day 177

I was flipping through my latest issue of Coastal Living Magazine when this picture stopped me in my, well--stopped my mid-flip. Like a magnetic attraction or love at first sight, I was positively drawn to this dress. The style, the magnificent watercolor and the beautiful details made me gasp. Something about the model looked familiar. Oh! it's Anya from season 9 of my fav--Project Runway!
For anyone who missed season 9 of Project Runway, Anya is a pageant gal turned designer from the Caribbean. What she lacked in sewing skills she made up for in her interpretation of Caribbean inspiration. She remained true to her style and ultimately won the competition. This dress is from her first real collection.

Part of the fun of watching a reality television competition is "getting to know" the contestants. Over several weeks, stressful challenges and situations bring out the personalities of the players. Watching the scenarios unfold, we find favorites and love to loathe the villains. As with all my favorite reality television competitions (Survivor, American Idol, etc.) I sit rapt as the series draws to a close, hold my breath, and hope my favorite emerges victorious. (sometimes I think I should get a hobby) Anya was my favorite that season and I cheered her victory.

Winners of television competitions can fade into oblivion or skyrocket to fame. I'm not sure if Anya will have the fame of season 4 winner Christian Siriano but she's a gifted designer. I, of course, wanted to know the price of this dress (and if they would consider a 6 month hold) so I visited her website . I don't think the site is quite ready for shopping yet and this dress is not anywhere to be found--but I've bookmarked her site and will keep my eye on her upcoming collections.


  1. Rebecca!

    Thanks so much for the lovely words about Anya. She always appreciates the support of her fans. As of now, Anya is currently in the process of designing her new line for Spring 2013. Be sure to check Anya's Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for updates on her brand and where to purchase outfits. Don't forget her blog as well at Thanks for your support! The clothes are on their way!!/AnyadeRogue

  2. Love Anya! Will be watching for sure.
    Can't wait until the next season of Project Runway!