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Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Painful Milestone

Day 163
Another Painful Milestone

I realized pretty early in my challenge that my "compulsion" for shopping could easily be satisfied by shopping for clothes for my family (or anyone else for that matter) therefore I amended the challenge to the refrain of buying ALL clothes, shoes and accessories for a year. I thought it would be a good opportunity for my family to realize that fashion fairies don't mysteriously update their wardrobes.

My daughter got her first "real" job and I was left unable to supplement her wardrobe. She did a great job of creating stylish work ensembles. At the end of last week, my son was awarded a co-op position with an international corporation (thanks in large part to a good friend!) and was to report to his first "real job" today sporting the "business casual" look. 

Couple of problems: My son lost about 30 pounds during his freshman year at college. Barely any of his clothes fit anymore. He had a few nice outfits for high school sports "game days" but they were far too big.
The interview outfits were borrowed from my husband but his wardrobe can't support two working men.
And, my son already had a full time job so now he is juggling both jobs for a bit leaving no time for shopping.

Saturday morning at Kohl's: We have a 30% off coupon and there are special Saturday morning sales. I can not shop so my husband bravely volunteers for the job. The store is very crowded with Father's Day shoppers.

I give my husband a general outline of wardrobe needs, then pushed my grandson around the department perimeters in a stroller while my husband bobs and weaves through the aisles. "Two pairs of flat front khakis!" I shout. "Not the expensive ones!" I see his head pop up occasionally, then just a glimpse of him now and then. An eternity later, he hands me three pair (!) of flat front pants. Good. "4 polo shirts, basic colors--go!" It takes all the restraint I can muster to not grab the shirts I thought would be just right. Finally he chooses 4 and looks hopefully at me. Done yet? No.

"2 cotton oxford shirts. Go!" "What kind of shirts?" he asked. I tried to describe but he leaves bewildered and, another eternity later, brings 3 shirts of undefined style. 

This went on and on until an entire wardrobe was assembled. It was so incredibly painful to watch and not choose I became very crabby. I consoled myself with two sets of new dish towels (legal.). Husband was even crabbier.The only one of us still in a good mood was my grandson. 

The damage was steep, we earned $60 in Kohl's Cash (and those of you that shop at Kohl's know what that means!) The additional cost was a large Dairy Queen blizzard for the weary shopper.

This morning my son left for his first real job looking so business-y and handsome I thought I would cry. My husband did a great job with selection. I was so sad that I couldn't take part in the shopping frenzy but at the end of the day, it was all good. 
My son still thinks it's fashion fairies!

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