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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pedicure: Pro vs. Home

Day 168

The decision to NOT buy clothes for a year is my focus but along the way I am becoming less impulsive, more thoughtful. I am more careful about what I spend, what I eat, how I treat myself and how I spend my time. Early on in the challenge I decided that pedicures are a luxury and I should learn to do a good home version. An initial investment of the approximate cost of a salon pedi provides the basics: foot soak, files, a Pedi-Egg and foot cream. I already had a basic collection of nail polish and since I rarely stray from my signature colors, I will use what I have until gone (or gloppy). Recalling the steps a professional takes, I can get through the initial phases. I gather a large towel, soaking tub and a refreshment and start soaking. About 1/3 of the way into a professional pedi, I tend to slip into a state calm. Half way through, I am enjoying deep relaxation. Near the end--drooling. Therefore, I really have no idea what a pro does after the initial phase, I only know it feels good.

The biggest challenge of a home pedi is contortion. I can't seem to twist myself into a position that allows for the work at hand. I prop a foot, use a pillow, hoist my leg on the bathroom counter, rig a stack of magazines or get dizzy trying to hang my head upside down to get in the perfect position. Not relaxing, this procedure does not induce drooling. 

With practice, I can do a passable, or what I thought was passable pedi at home. From January through June I have enjoyed only one professional pedi in preparation for a formal event. It had been a few months. The first warm days of summer sporting flip-flops reveal that, even with my at-home attempts, my feet are looking pretty bad. So, for my birthday I request a pro pedi. 

When I arrive at the salon, it is like visiting a long lost friend. "Come in!" they welcome. "What can we do for you?" I gaze at the kaleidoscope of polish colors, a dizzying rainbow mine for the choosing. I am guided to that comfy chair, settle in and grab the chair massage remote. Like a line from favorite book, I can pick my setting from memory.
I spent the rest of my birthday stealing glances at my lovely, professional groomed, OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It painted digits. I will revert to the home pedi but every now and then, you just need a professional. And lucky for me, I received 2 mani-pedi gift certificates for my birthday so I won't have to wait several months to "go-pro!"

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