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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm a Doll! Birthday Gift Dilemmas

Day 166
I'm a Doll! Birthday Gift Dilemmas 

Friends and family feel sorry for me and have attempted to gift me clothes, shoes and accessories. This is a grey area in the rules and for now, they all reside in a bag until I feel the time is right to use them. So what do you gift a gal that can't have new clothes?

You make her into a paper doll that can wear any and all fashions, and look darn good doing it! This was a gift from my very thoughtful friend, Jody:

A play on my blog title, I can now safely Try Try Clothes! Sadly, that's not my body (or favorite photo) but I wasted no time getting down to business. First, I put me in a tropical setting. Then, I took time trying on each of the gifted outfits that were printed, tabbed and ready for my "beach runway"! 

I had no idea I could rock a strapless jumpsuit, but I looked awesome! And although my doll legs look a bit wooden, I also looked fab in these shorts. And check me out in this dress! I'll bet I get a dinner date invite from my husband looking this good.

Jody said there are accessories on the way ... YAY!

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