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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Lipstick Test Drive

Day 171

Summer makeup is different than winter makeup. In winter, bundled in sweaters, I am more pale, dryer, and seem to have more to conceal. Fashions tend toward rich colors. Eyes are smokey. In summer, skin kissed by the sun, I look for makeup that is lighter, sheer and a little sparkly. 

My challenge dictates I can buy lipstick if I am replacing something or have no current match for what I need. I am embracing this as I love lipstick. I threw out several old lipsticks during my organization blitz and it left me with two paltry choices for summer. I set out to thoughtfully and carefully purchase lipstick (yay!!)

I am happy to report I found three choices that I really like, and I will share them with you. Facing the enormous choice at any lipstick display is daunting and chances of choosing one in an off color or funky texture is great. I always listen when someone test drives for me so I am returning the favor.

(left to right) Maybelline Colorsensational in #120 Red Sea Shimmer and #110 Caribbean Coral Luster,
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in #070, Cherry Tart
I read recently in More Magazine that wise women can (and should) continue to wear red lipstick but a sheer red is more forgiving. I was seeking just that, a summer sheer red lipstick. I stumbled up the Maybelline selections at Ulta on one of those special cosmetic seasonal displays featuring limited editions for Summer 2012. Like nail polish, I sometimes am swayed by the name of the color and these tropical names appealed to me. Both shades are lightweight, non sticky and have a bit of sparkle. There is a faint, pleasing scent and no flavor. For a sheer lipstick, I found it to be reasonably long-lasting and it didn't leave that tell-tale lipstick outline as it wore away. I actually bought the red first and liked it so much I returned for the coral shade. 

There has been an advertising blitz for the Revlon Lip Butter so I just had to give it a go as well. There are about 15 shades to choose from but I chose a slightly deeper sheer red, Cherry Tart. This definitely feels more like a lip balm, providing moisture but feel a little heavier and slicker. It looked darker on my lips that I would have thought. I didn't notice a scent and the wear is that of a balm or gloss. 

Naked Lips
Red Sea Shimmer
Caribbean Coral
Cherry Tart
Each were about $7 and are available at Ulta, drug stores and stores like Target. Note: The Maybelline shades are limited editions and I only found them on the seasonal displays. I went back to Ulta for a second tube of Red Sea Shimmer and it was sold out. If you are interested- don't wait! My sister tried mine and liked it so much, she tracked down a tube for herself and an extra for me. Smile!

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