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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Golf Retirement Pending

Day 157
Golf Retirement Pending

Last Saturday I joined my husband in a golf tournament to benefit Vietnam Veterans. This was my first official outing this year (several evenings at the practice range, though) and I am trying to determine if I will stay in "golf retirement" or exit and rejoin the golfing masses.
It was a beautiful but super windy day Saturday and I was able to put together a reasonable golf outfit. Here's the greatest part: I was the prettiest and most fashionable girl in the entire tournament!

Okay, I was the only girl. And I may have looked okay, but I stunk up the course bad!!! Whatever progress was achieved at the practice range vanished. Frustrated, I am left to contemplate my golf retirement. I decided to make a pro/con golf list:
Pro:                                                               Con:
Excellent scenery                                            Ugly shoes
I love golf ettiquette                                         I don't love golf outfits
My hair looks good when wind-tousled           You have to hit a 1.680" diameter ball with a long skinny club
Nice day spent with husband

Looks like I am leaning very slightly pro-golf. My husband thinks he can help me improve my game but there's nothing he can do about the clothes and shoes. We'll see ...

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