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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

“Your Black Pants Said What?”

Day 31
“Your Black Pants Said What?”

The next category of clothes that I tackled was the ubiquitous “black pants” group. I am pretty sure that most of you out there have at least one pair. And why not? I am all about building off of fashion basics. At a glance, I knew I had a few pair but I took them all out to sort.

Black pants are available in virtually every style, including jeans. Short to long, skinny to flowing, hip-hugger to high waist, the black pant is everywhere. In its casual form, the black pant is a step up in dressiness from the jean. In its dressy form, the black pant can be rocked with a tuxedo jacket or anchor a fabulous top. The question is: What does my collection of black pants say about me?

My collection speaks volumes about me. One thing I noticed immediately was the size range. If any of you wear the same exact size in everything then just stop reading now. For the rest of you, perhaps you can relate to the fact that I found 4 sizes of black pants in my closet. I found the “yay! I am reasonably thin and these skinny black pants make me look so sleek” to the “OMG! When did this happen? I hope these giant black pants conceal my ample size!” pants. I tend to save the smaller sized pairs in hopes of wearing them again someday and immediately donate the largest sizes so that there is no comfort in knowing there are there should I need them again. I also found that my favorite style is narrow pants, cropped at the ankle. I had 5 pairs. Apparently I feel like I have cute ankles.

After the sorting, my closet contains 5 pairs of black pants. I relegated the smallest and largest sizes to the “shopping bag.” I kept one skinny cropped pair, 1 nice-ish wide-leg pair, a flow-y pair and two ponte knit casual pair. As always, I can shop the “shopping bags” if I need to. My pants said, “Hey, girl with the cute-ish ankles—quit shopping and try to stay in the same size pants. We are good, but we can’t fix everything!” Noted.

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