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Thursday, January 12, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

Day 12
From the Mouths of Babes …

When I announced my challenge, to buy no clothes, shoes or accessories for a full year, the responses ranged from laughs to looks of horror. My son, the ever-practical college student, thought it was a great idea. Then he added his own twist.

Joey suggested that I arrange my closet so that every hanger faced the same direction. When I wear something, I am to turn that hanger the other way so I know I’ve worn it. At the end of one year, I will easily be able to see what I have worn and what I haven’t. I should gather up everything unworn in the previous year and donate it. I knew that boy was smart! I am one proud mom!

There’s a logistical problem to his suggestion, essentially the number of hangers and the fact they can’t hang an opposite way, but the idea is fabulous. So, here’s the plan: I am going to gather my possession in categories and evaluate. For example: I’ll gather all my casual t-shirts, lay them out and decide which ones I really like. I don’t want to get rid of everything right away! I’ll put the ones I am fairly certain about back in my drawer and the rest in a shopping bag (nice twist, storing in a shopping bag, huh?). Everything will get a sticker. When I wear something, the sticker will be removed. If I decide I really need something from the shopping bag, I will retrieve it. In a year, I should easily be able to see what I wear and what I don’t.  I will donate what I don’t wear. It could be a VERY good pickup for the Purple Heart.

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