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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Spillover Effect

Day 22
The Spillover Effect

We are experiencing the “Spillover Effect.” The organization, review and restraint dedicated to my wardrobe is now flowing over to other areas of our home. It feels so good. The methods are the same: gather items by category, group in a large, open area, then sort and decide. We can choose to keep, we can toss or we can place in a “one year box” like the shopping bags used for clothes. It’s just not as painful when you know you have a full year to decide if you really need something. We do have to make room for the unsightly “one year boxes” but my husband and I both know this is temporary. This process takes time but since I no longer shop for recreation, I seem to have some extra time.

We started in our dining room. My husband opened a cabinet that I reserve for candles and serving pieces. Why, he wondered, do we have this many candles? Indignant, I explained that candles add ambience and warmth to our home. Never mind that we rarely light more than the two that are already out. Who knows when we will host a lovely party that would be made exquisite my warm candle light? Also, have you noticed how dust is nearly invisible by candle light? Of course I have a cabinet filled with candles.

After evaluation, I kept approximately 25%, tossed 65% and saved 10% in the “one year box.” It was sad at first but now it feels good. Okay—one category down, countless to go …

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