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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Express Store Window Makes Me Sad

Day 32
The Express Store Window Makes Me Sad

I am officially 1 month into the no clothes, no shoes and no accessories challenge. It feels good, but I think the first month is the easiest for many reasons. In January I am usually pretty much "shopped-out" from Christmas. I feel like I know the inventory of every store. The clearances aren’t really “final” until late February-early March, as all good shoppers know. And, by this time in a season, I pretty much have everything I need … for now.

My challenge does not include avoiding fashion so I am continuing my bi-weekly malking sessions with my friend. (Malking =mall+walking) It’s been okay up until recently when the Express store changed their window display. Instead of the tired clearance merchandise found in most other windows, the Express store featured lovely spring frocks in pale peach and outfits in delicate florals. It made me so sad. For the first time in a month, I really felt the urge to go to those clothes, feel the fabrics, bring some home. I passed the window on at least 4 different mornings when it hit me. I NEVER wear clothes from Express. It’s far too cold to even think of any of those outfits. What I really wanted was spring. How clever they are to tap into this (it’s probably part of Retail Sales 101). If I look deep in my closet, I find plenty of lovely spring items; it’s just not time to wear them yet.

I feel like I’m getting somewhere with this challenge. As a karmic bonus, on our malk today I noticed that the Express store has a new window display. Ha! It’s color-blocking! Nothing in me right now is remotely interested in going 1980s. Been there, wore that. So upward and
onward … one month down, eleven to go. And spring is just around the corner.

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