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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fear of the Unknown

Day 7
Fear of the Unknown…

I’m not gonna lie—this challenge is scary. Sure, the first few days, maybe even weeks will be tolerable. But let’s get real … some serious things could happen. Here are some of my greatest fears:
1.      I fear that the next Target guest designer will be someone really awesome, better than that Missoni collection, and since it’s a limited edition, I’ll never have it.
2.      I fear that in the epic battle of Menopause Vs. Weight Watchers, Menopause will claim yet another battle rendering my current wardrobe stretched to the seams.
3.      I fear that in the epic battle of Menopause Vs. Weight Watchers, Weight Watchers will win and I won’t have the optimal swimsuit to flaunt it.
4.      I fear that I really have no concept of a year and by next December I’ll be dressed in ill-fitting, last season, worn out rags.
5.      I fear that even if I succeed at this challenge, I will replace the shopping urges with clothes for my family, accessories for my home or shoes for my dog.
Next up: facing the fears. I think I’ll start by evaluating what I actually have. If you are thinking that would have been a good idea back in late December, yay for you. I was still trying to glimpse into the future to see what I might need. This week- I look at what I already have … 

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