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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Purple Heart Sees Sudden Spike in Donation Activity!

Day 28
Purple Heart Sees Sudden Spike in Donation Activity!

If you see this headline, it’s because the massive home clean-out continues. Inspired by my no-buy challenge, we are radically reducing the amount of stuff we have amassed over the nearly 20 years of living here. Boxes and boxes loaded up, just waiting to catch the eye of a treasure seeker at the local thrift store. To be sure we are getting the proper tax credit, we are using the cool donation itemizing feature in TurboTax. Depending on my mood, I find our things to be either worthless or invaluable, so I’m letting TurboTax assign a fair market value. WooHoo!

This all feels wonderful right now. We dance around and admire our newly cleared spaces. I will admit, I feel tiny twinges. I feel like I want to fill those spaces with new things. I did a pretty good job staying away from cute organizational products like multi-colored bins and wicker trays. (my friend Mary decided she could, in fact, recycle once she found out about the cute organizational products …) The moratorium on clothing purchases has spread to home purchases, at least for now. But, ohhh…. a new upholstered chair would look so good in that corner.
Wish me luck.

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