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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project: Simplicity

Day 26
Project: Simplicity

It probably comes as no surprise that I subscribe to at least 6 magazines. I have tried reading magazines on my iPad but it’s just not the same. Along with InStyle, my favorite fashion magazine, I get People, People Style, Real Simple, Reader’s Digest and Coastal Living. I do not actually live on a coast, but I love the decorating ideas and vacation destinations featured in Coastal Living. The most recent issue features an article titled “27 Amazing Islands to Visit Now!” In a section called “Phenomenal Fiji” the author interviews a native Fijian (yes, they are called Fijian) about their general contentedness and asks, “Why are the native Fijians so happy?” He answered, “It’s all about simplicity.”

I don’t think we set out to complicate our lives. I am not aware of any magazine called Real Complicated. It just happens. Jobs, kids and commitments define our days and before we know it, the linen closet is overflowing and we don’t even know what’s in it. Simplicity, it seems, it hard work. As we continue to simplify our home, I feel like this hard work will pay off. Although firmly embedded in the habit of acquiring, I look forward to changing the habit to one of simplicity. It’s a good thing my challenge is for a year because I don’t think it happens overnight; any decent rehab program lasts at least 3 months. And now I have the name for it: Project Simplicity (yes, like Project Runway …)

I’ll deal with my magazine subscription problem on another day.

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