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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is a DVD an Accessory?

Day 16
Is a DVD an Accessory?

At certain milestone birthdays our doctors reward us with “screening tests” to get a “baseline” blah, blah, blah. I generally ignore such advice. It would be silly, though, to take control of one part of my life, like shopping, and ignore a bigger part, my health. Fine. I’ll get the stupid tests.

Up until now, I would reward such indignities with a new outfit to wear during or after the test, or some great food treat like a donut. Here I am, more screening tests than ever and no way to reward. Can’t buy clothes or shoes and can’t eat treats (or I will not fit into existing clothes). Where is the reward? Sorry to say, I am just not that inspired by a reward of “knowing I am doing something good for myself.”

One of the tests required a day of rest which should be a reward in itself. I decided I would spend that day watching an entire season of my favorite reality television show, Project Runway. I stumbled upon the show during Season 9 and I am hooked. These days, entire seasons of shows can be watched On Demand, watched online, rented or purchased. First I tried to rent a season of Project Runway. Not available. Tried to borrow from the library. Nope. Not online or found on On Demand. What’s a girl to do? Buy them from I bought seasons 5-8. It is a reward.

My husband was appalled. I bought something! “No! No!” I said. “It’s not clothes, shoes or accessories!” He pointed out that since the television series is about fashion, it qualifies as a forbidden purchase. I say it gives me ideas about recreating my own clothing (weak, I know). I did not cancel the order. DVDs are not accessories. What do you think?

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