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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Magazine September 2012

Day 245

More Magazine has been inching toward the coveted position of "my favorite." It is stylish, intelligent and mature without being old. I anticipated insightful fashion advice and inspiration from this issue. Last night I settled in and took in each page.

What I got was ... more of the same. The same peplums, cobalt blue, roomy coats and the all-over print dress, really nothing different from the other magazines. I did get an inspiring, fierce fashion spread featuring men's wear looks (that I am hoping to pull together from my own closet) and an interesting article by Hanna Rosin called "Why Testosterone is the New Estrogen" (pg. 126).

It's taken months but I think I have finally reached the point of magazine saturation. By examining all of these publications and comparing the advice it is finally becoming clear that my "magazine addiction" is a waste of time and money. My reasoning has been that I look to these publications for inspiration, to check out new products and the occasional recipe. What they actually provide is an hour of respite for my weary brain. Surely there are other ways to rest my brain.

I currently subscribe to at least 6 different magazines (it's sad but I'm not even sure how many). To supplement, I throw the occasional issue into my shopping cart. Wait--more than occasional, it's at least 1 per week. It's time to cut down on magazine consumption. Like sugar, alcohol, white carbs and caffeine, it's time to consume in moderation. Knowing that I will have to choose which subscriptions to keep and which to let go give me an anxious, tightening feeling.

Because of my no-buy challenge, I can no longer run out and replicate a magazine's looks. Instead, I think about them. How do I interpret those looks for myself. What do I already own that can reflect that style? Should I ever really wear that style? The answer is, I already know. Bottom line: I don't need fashion magazines anymore. I must sound like I'm on repeat, perhaps I'm still trying to convince myself. I think that most of us know what we look good in and feel confident in. If not, don't look to any anonymous  generic magazine, take a trusted friend shopping. Take me!!! I LOVE shopping vicariously through others. Trends are for sissies, fashion is forever.

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