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Friday, September 7, 2012

End of Summer Un-shopping

Day 251

Early on in this no-buy challenge I sorted through each category of my wardrobe. There were three choices: keep, donate, or put to the side in a shopping bag. In the case of my shoes, I had approx. 20 pairs in the "shopping bag," meaning that if I needed them, I could retrieve them (with no penalty) and add to my keep collection. I added a note to each pair to remind myself why they were "on the bubble." Comments like, "clonky," "looks like a Dutch wooden shoe," and "weird toe cleavage" were attached to the shoe.

While we may still enjoy some warm days this year, I have a donation pickup scheduled from The Purple Heart today and I'm kind of on a roll. Sorting through the shoe "shopping bag," I decided to donate these 9 pairs:
Shoes I donated today.

Of the 9 pairs, 
5 were purchased at a 70% or more off sale and rarely worn.
2 were attempts to be younger and hip-er than I really am.
2 were pairs I had worn a few times but I felt were outdated. 

Even at super-sale prices, there is $100-$200 here. I could have bought 2 or 3 pairs of great shoes ...

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