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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Summer Would Have Been Better With ...

Day 260

As I peer at summer in the rear view mirror, and while the thoughts are still fresh, I have compiled the list of clothes and accessories that I really wish I could have (but probably would not have) purchased over this past summer.

  1. 1 or 2 well-fitting bathing suits in good fabric. The mix and match idea is fine but each piece should fit well. My go-to black bottoms are hopelessly stretched out of shape. A second pair bind unattractively. My best tankini top is too short, another one has Madonna cone cups and the third has led to more than one "wardrobe malfunction." I spend a significant amount of time in swimwear in the summer. It is time to put significant effort into finding the right suits.
  2. Good sunglasses. I tend to by $10-20 fashion sunglasses reasoning that I just lose them anyway. Grow up! I have been practically blinded by bright sunlight this summer because the glasses are worthless for the job intended-- protecting my eyes from the sun. My husband has three good pairs which he keeps in cool cases and has not lost them. I have to buy the good glasses and take care of them. 
  3. Better basic sandals. Strappy, colorful sandals are great fun but I need some better everyday choices. One or two comfortable pairs of platform wedge sandals would have been an excellent addition to my collection. Neutral colors like black, brown, red, and lime would be optimal (yes, red and lime are neutral for me).
  4. Casual shorts and tops. No matter the quality, I think casual shorts and tops probably have to be replaced every couple years. The ones I had all summer have been in rotation for a bit too long resulting in stretched out, sad looking play clothes.
  5. T-shirt dresses. I am still all about the dresses but I think a few easy to wear t-shirt or tank dresses would have rounded out my dress selection nicely. 
I am documenting these needs now so I will have a better chance of having my priorities straight come next spring. I get so distracted (look! shiny! sparkly!) by special pieces that I neglect the basics. Yet another strategy to help keep me on track once this no-buy year has finally, mercifully come to and end.

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