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Monday, September 24, 2012

Microdermabrasion Facial: A Steal at $29

Day 268

This is the first in a series of medical spa treatments I am reviewing. I have heard of microdermabrasion and pictured it like sand blasting. I saw a friend after said procedure a few years ago and it wasn't pretty. Supposedly, once the swelling and redness went away you were left with a fresh new layer of skin. No thanks. The microdermabrasion at the Medical Spa where my daughter works (White Lake Family Health Services) incorporates a newer version of equipment. Instead of the traditional crystal microdermabrasion, she uses diamond (oooo!) dermabrasion which is far more gentle. Still a bit skeptical, she talked me in to trying it out. I did a little online research. Many spas claim that microdermabrasion will do everything short of changing your eye color: remove spots, wrinkles, etc. Claire says that realistically, I can expect that all the dead, gross, old upper skin is swept away for a fresher look.

I tell her to treat me as any other spa client so I could critique her services. The treatment room is a good mix of clinical and spa so I feel a little more like I was doing something good for myself rather than just pure indulgence. (Indulgence is great but I have guilt issues.) In a pleasantly dim room, she cleanses and massages my face. It is soooo relaxing! The microdermabrasion is done with a diamond tipped wand and does not hurt at all. It vibrates slightly as she skims all areas of my face. I spend a few minutes with my face wrapped in a steaming towel, heavenly. Once all areas have been treated, she sets out clearing pores. I'm no pimply teenager but it is amazing how many yucky, clogged pores I have, and I have a real problem dealing with them myself. Basically, I had given up hope on those nasty things. She has a few cool tools at her disposal and I zone out as she stealthily attacks my problem zones. 

I can't believe an hour has passed when she tells me we are finished. I leave feeling scrubbed, very slightly red, and a bit tingly. With diamond microdermabrasion, there is supposedly no "down time," meaning I should be able to go back to work. I guess I could but I really don't want to put make-up on this fresh skin right now, I just want to relish the smoothness for a while. 

The next day I am very, very pleased with the smoothness of my skin. To my amazement, a couple small brown spots are gone (not the larger ones) and my most annoying, always swollen clogged pore is practically disappeared. I can honestly say I am a believer. My face feels like it's had a good spring cleaning.

In an effort to boost her clientele, Claire has a Groupon available this week. You can see it here, but if you call or email Claire, she will give you the same price of $29 without the third party (better for her actually). I think the offer is only good through September27 but you have a year to use it. As a former skeptic, I am shamelessly flaunting my fresh skin feeling younger. Really! 
Claire can be reached at (248)666-4490 or you can email her at

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