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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transitional Wardrobe: September is the Split-Personality Month

Day 256

This morning I awoke to a distinct chill in the air. It's September, a split-personality month resulting is fashion dilemmas. It can be 85 degrees and sunny yet a sun dress really doesn't seem right. It can be 50 degrees and boots just feel silly. I try to hang on to summer as long as possible. The key is not to look like you don't own a calendar.

I've been giving this month thought and have come up with a few reminders for myself (hopefully this will result in less time spent standing in front of my closet staring):

  • As the tan fades, so should shorts. Cropped pants are a much better transition.Skirts are an excellent alternative.
  • Sandals can be worn but I think chunkier, deeper-toned pairs are a better choice.
  • I continue in flip-flops but have put the white pairs away.
  • Summer tees should give way to darker colors. I love jewel hued tees in v-neck or scoop neck.
  • Layer up! Add a lightweight cotton sweater or sweatshirt but keep the chunky knits in the closet.
  • Dresses are for every season but I think flow-y, flowery numbers should give way to simple cut t-dresses. A long skirt can work as long as it's not too gauzy.
  • The shell that many of us wear under jackets and sweaters in the winter make lovely little tops now.
  • Cropped leggings with a sleeveless or short sleeve tunic, paired with not-strappy sandals or cute flats are a great transitional look.
  • Lightweight scarves can fend off a chill and add a splash of color or texture, try pairing with a long sleeve tee.
  • A lightweight fall jacket, not a pastel spring jacket, can be a key layering piece.
  • Pull out those cargo pants which look cool even with a tank top on warm days.
By planting these ideas in my head I think I can get through split-personality September without a clothing crisis. Maybe these reminders can help you, too.

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