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Friday, September 28, 2012

I Didn't Even Know Eyelashes Could Be Permed

Day 272

In my series about Medical Spa Treatments: The REAL Story (I just made that up but it sounds so investigative!), I now share some treatments for the eyes. During my daughter's first week at her new job she called and invited me to have my eyelashes permed. Say what? The word "perm" still elicits scary flashbacks of my home-perm days in which my mom, with best intentions, rolled my entire head in the smallest perm rods available. I had a misshapen-ed head of frizz for months. I had or applied many, many perms in my youth with mixed results but the smell of perm solution still makes me anxious. 

So, I did not jump at the chance to have my eyelashes permed. In fact, I have never even seen someone with ringlet eyelashes! No, she assures me, the result is not curly-curls, rather the effect of having used an eyelash curler that lasts for 6 weeks. "But I don't use an eyelash curler," I protest. "Exactly." she says, and I agree to come in.

My eyelashes are short, blonde and sparse. I am beyond skeptical but she wants to get comfortable with the products used in her spa (at my expense, I wonder?) She settles me into the comfortable treatment chair and cleans the area around my eyes. Then, she uses some sort of adhesive (yikes!) to attach tiny, tiny rods to my eyelashes. She applies the solution which smells exactly like the perm solution of my youth. Eyes must remain closed for 15 minutes or so. Then, she uses the neutralizer (all of this making me think of Elle Woods in her trial debut in Legally Blonde) and then cleans the area. And guess what! My eyelashes are visible! Not darker, but they curl upward attractively making them visible! I quick swipe of mascara and I can definitely see the difference! I would absolutely recommend this to someone who uses an eyelash curler regularly. 
I didn't take a before picture but this is after an eyelash perm.
The following week, I have my eyelashes tinted. In just 20 minutes total, my eyelashes have color! I chose black but she has many shades to choose from, including blue! Lashes are not as full as with mascara but I can easily go out with NO mascara. This will be wonderful for summer and vacations. This is one treatment I will be having regularly.

Finally, on my way out of the Medical Spa, I spotted a container of "semi-permanent makeup pens." I figured I was on a roll so I sampled the eyeliner, meant to last for at least 24 hours. I applied a fine line across my lash line in the mirror. With eyelashes permed, tinted and now, fresh liner, I felt pretty hot. Warning: semi-permanent eyeliner takes a few minutes to dry. 
And yes, it lasted 24 hours.

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