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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best Face Forward

Day 267

Clothes, by definition, cover our bodies, protecting us from the elements. The right clothes not only cover, they disguise imperfections and enhance the good stuff. That's why I love clothes. A part you can't disguise (unless you wear a veil) is you face. 

Make-up helps. As fine line and wrinkles appear, make-up can become a real challenge, often settling in and making things even worse. My own skin is sporting more than a few wrinkles, and if I could only piece together my age spots, I could have a perma-tan. I use face wash and moisturizing cream but that's the extent of my facial care. I have had professional facials a few times. The facials I have endured have always been part of a spa package, a generally well-meaning gift that is wasted on me. I love a massage and a mani-pedi but that's about it. The reason? Every facial I have ever had ends with me feeling like a skin-care loser and me spending too much on recommended products. "Ohhhh ... those pores ..." "Have you ever tried a moisturizer?" "Hmmm ..." "If only you had been using XYZ super-expensive product, this may not have happened."

In an interesting turn of events, my daughter upgraded her job and is now an  esthetician  for a physician in White Lake. When she was in cosmetology school, I never took the time to utilize these skills. In her new job, she is excited to share her skills and so she has been summoning my husband and I quite regularly. As a result, I am partaking in procedures I have never tried, and frankly, some I will never go without again!

Since there is simply nothing more fashionable than good skin, I will share each and every procedure I try and give you my honest opinion. I'll also share the things my husband has enjoyed. Already I can am kicking myself. Why did I wait so long?

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