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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tie One On!

Day 68
Tie One On!

My daughter asked to borrow a pair of shoes recently. I’m afraid I’m not as generous a lender anymore since I know I can’t replace anything. Grudgingly, I asked which pair. She chose red velvet medium-high heels with an ankle strap. Since it wasn’t exactly a “go-to” pair, I agreed.

She returned the shoes, muddy and missing one ankle strap. I don’t even want to know …
I was just revving up into a fit when she calmly said, “it’s no big deal, use a ribbon in place of the ankle strap.” Use a ribbon in place of the strap!!! Yes!

I was dressing for dance class today when I scoped out my shoe selection. Unfortunately, comfort and dance-ability were not at the top of my list when I bought shoes pre-challenge. Then I saw my black ankle-strap heels. The ankle strap slides right out of a loop at the back of the shoe. I replaced the straps with approx. 32” of black satin ribbon and … voilà!

So much sassier! I love this idea. The shoes are just as comfortable as before. And the best part is: I have quite a ribbon collection!

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