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Monday, March 19, 2012

One Ugly Dress

Day 79
One Ugly Dress

My biggest weaknesses when it comes to buying are shoes and dresses. I love the ease and comfort of a dress. You can look dressed up yet feel like you are in pajamas. It’s probably not surprising to learn I have quite a collection.

We have been having such beautiful spring weather I decided to rock a dress Saturday afternoon. My legs are winter-white (with the exception of still-mottled spray-tanned feet) so a longer dress was in order. Skimming through my closet, I spotted a dress with tags. Oooo! A never-worn dress! I felt pretty sassy slipping on this soft red print number. There was a good chance I could wrangle a dinner out looking this fine!

I sashayed to the mirror to check myself out and kind of jumped back. My goodness! I looked hideous! On its own, each element of the dress was fine. The bright red color, the ethnic-y print, the forgiving gathered waist style—but together—YUCK! Why on Earth did I ever even buy this dress?

Scary Eyes on My Chest
Cue flashback music … oh yeah … I remember. I was at a summer art fair. Alone. I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I had just participated in “The World’s Largest Zumba Class” in 100 degree heat. I was tired, not pleased with my performance and felt like I deserved something. Up ahead, like an oasis in the desert, was a booth of flowy dresses. Colors, styles, patterns whispering, “You want us. You deserve us. We are buy two for $50.” I took a considerable amount of time to choose my two new dresses. And I felt better.

Fast-forward to Saturday. I will never wear this dress. It is one ugly dress. It looks like two scary eagle eyes looking out from my chest. I am taking note. Do not shop when feeling sorry for self.

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