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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sweatshirt Redeux

Day 81
Sweatshirt Redeux

When you are a full-out, all-in shopper, the world is your mall. You can go almost anywhere and find something to buy. Even clothes. I have a sixth sense for clothes for sale. I have a seventh sense for bargain clothes for sale.

My sixth and seventh senses kick in anywhere, including my favorite grocery store, Kroger. Yes, I have bought clothes from Kroger. Case in point: I have two sweatshirts, one black, one grey. Plain, long-sleeved, hoodless sweatshirts. They were on clearance at Kroger. I do not know why Kroger sells sweatshirts except to boost total sales by people like me. (I can picture the Kroger executives saying, “Honest! There are crazy ladies that come in a buy clothes! They’ll buy anything!”)

I thought I was being very clever to purchase unadorned, basic sweatshirts. Problem was they never really fit right. They are wide in the middle with wonky, ill-fitting sleeves that don’t even push up. I was about to banish them to yet another Salvation Army bag when I had a nostalgic, Flashdance Flashback. I ran upstairs, grabbed my good scissors and went to work!
 The result is not total Flashdance but now the sweatshirt is awesome! It’s perfect when a full sweatshirt is not necessary and flattering for the arms because of the wide arm holes. I wear a colorful tank under and it peeks through in a cute way.  A garment saved by a flashback! Yay me!

To follow-up on the Ugly Dress story: I finally found the second of the 2-for-$50 dresses. It isn’t AS ugly but still ugly. I should never have bought either one.
A final note: Happy Graduation Day Claire! You are AWESOME!!!

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