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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Museum is Now Pinterest!

Day 88
The Museum is Now Pinterest!

A while back I posted a photo of a pair of shoes that I loved, but because of my no-buy challenge, well—I couldn’t buy. I thought I would create a place (Museum of Lovely Things)
 where I could gather lovely things, even if I couldn’t buy them. Then I found (insert heavenly music …) Pinterest!

If you already know about Pinterest, you are nodding your head thinking, “I know …”

I was looking for a craft idea at one time and a friend said, “Look it up on Pinterest.” I had no idea! Pinterest is indeed a place with lots of ideas but you can also make your own page. Here’s mine:

And for those of you who don’t know, here’s how it works:
1.      You have to sign up to be invited to join unless you get an “invitation” (I’ll be happy to send you one). Pinterest is free.
2.      Once you join, you set up your page. You can add as many “boards” as you like and title them whatever you choose. You can add details about yourself, or not!
3.      There are simple instructions to add the Pin It button to your internet tool bar. Then, whenever you find something on the internet you like, want to share or want to remember, you “pin it”! Pinterest will pull the images from the page and you choose which one.
4.      Every time you select a picture to pin, you choose which board it pins to. When you click on that picture later, you go back to the original web page it came from!
5.      You can look at other people’s Pinterest pages and “re-pin” things that they have that you like. They can also re-pin your things. It’s a community. You can “follow” them, they can “follow” you.  
6.      Using the Pinterest search bar, you can search for almost anything! I’ve looked up recipes, decorating ideas, etc.
Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board with all sorts of scraps of cool things. For me, by “pinning” things I can’t buy, I can still have them in a way. Sort of a closet you never have to organize and don’t have to pay for.
If you join Pinterest or are already there, let me know! I’d love you check out your boards!

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