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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Are You a Fashion Star or a Runway Star?

Day 84
Are You a Fashion Star or a Runway Star?

It’s no secret that I am FAN-atical about the reality competition show, Project Runway. I have also started watching the new fashion competition, Fashion Star. At a glance, the shows are quite similar; aspiring designers compete weekly for a chance to create their own fashion line. A closer look and two styles of shoppers are revealed.

Fashion Star: Lots of hoopla and window dressing. Music, theatrics and even choreography accompany the fashions. There are touching back stories. The obligatory runway presentation and critique leads to department store buyers who decide if the fashion is store-worthy. Then, of course, you get the chance to purchase the winning designs immediately. This show is very commercial. This show is about the impulse shopper.

Project Runway: Definitely more drama. This show presents challenges each week. The designers do all of the patterning, cutting, sewing and styling themselves. The runway presentation is decidedly subdued. It will be a long time before most of these fashions will be available to us. This show is about the creative process. This show is about the shopper who loves the creativity of fashion.

I think I’m 3 parts Project Runway to one part Fashion Star. I love the creative process of dressing. I am not immune to the allure of the impulse but with all that hoopla—it’s hard to ignore. In the end, I will faithfully watch both shows. But I have to say, when Mondo won Project Runway AllStars this week with his “Therapy” collection, well I felt like he was reading my mind. 
This dress was inspired by a Rorschach Test
This dress sold out at Macy's

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