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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Runway Season 10, Episode 3--Poor Anya!!!

Day 220

Because of the Olympic coverage, I watched Project Runway OnDemand this week. It had much of the excitement that the Olympics deliver! This week, the new crop of designers were assigned a former designer and had to create their Emmy Award red carpet look. The twist was that the new designers had to work in pairs which generates lots of drama. I was super-excited that one of the returning former designers was my fav-- Season 9 winner, Anya!

Dressing Anya would be a dream. She is beautiful, stylish and true to her Caribbean roots. This is what the two current designers (Andrea and Christopher) created to send Anya to the red carpet:
 You can see the details of it here ... if you have the stomach for it. Poorly constructed, completely unflattering, a miserable design of a gown. Poor Anya!!! I acknowledge the time constraints, small budget and stressful conditions, but still!!!

Part of my no-buy odyssey has been really coming to terms with what is a good look and what qualifies as an impulsive, unwearable garment. Anya's dress is something I would equate to a final clearance, purchased "as is", designer second, not returnable dress. In other words, RUN!!!! 

P.S. I wouldn't be caught dead in Andrea's outfit either! I thought she would represent us "wise women" with class but I can't relate to her taste at all!

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